Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sock Progress

My first sock is progressing well. I made it through the heel after a bit of consultation with a woman at my favorite knitting store, Black Sheep Knitting Company in Needham, MA. I love the ladies in there, they are so nice and are always willing to give you advice or help you out. I do have to say, I haven't been in the store for a few weeks and they are definitely improving their selection... I had to resist major temptation and walked out with only a single skein of new yarn (a beautiful hand painted number from Farmhouse Yarns). But wow, I was majorly impressed! Anyways, back to the sock... I am currently working on the gusset decrease and am just about on the foot. Hopefully I will finish within the next week! And then there was one... How the hell do people find modivation to do the other sock?! I need to learn the magic loop method so that I don't become the one sock wonder.

My first sock at the heel

A heel close-up

My new Farmhouse Yarn! (Even though its wool, the colors mean Spring)


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Dani said...

A the Farmhouse Yarn IS AMAZING!!
B - Your sock progressed reallllllly well. where you took this picture of the heel is where mine went all wrong. But I'm not giving up (yet LOL)

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Dani said...

Hi Dani--

THanks! I love the Farmhouse Yarn. Try to imagine every shade of yarn you could ever imagine... Each skein was so vibrant and had a unique mix of colors. I am a blue person and was instantly attracted to the blue shaded skeins, but forced myself to go with this one instead!

You should try socks again. I used the Yankee Classic Sock pattern which was awesome, except for the heel reduction part (where you repeat the same sequence, but add one knit or purl each row). I had to ask a woman in my FAV knit store for some guidance.


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