Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gotta Love Ebay!

Man, I love Ebay.... I mean, I am not one of those people that wastes a ton of money on crap I don't need, but tend to find things I would otherwise buy in stores for a lot less money. For example, I bought 2 50g skeins and 2 100g skeins from a great seller for 24 dollars including all the shipping (which I think is great because it would have cost me at least 40 dollars in a store). Now, don't get me wrong, buying yarn on Ebay is hard unless you know exactly what you want. And then there is the stock factor on whether they have that exact yarn or not. Nevertheless, I lucked out and found two of the Regia self-patterning yarns I really love.

I also found that recently I have become overwhelmed with the pleathora of yarn out there in yarn stores these days. I could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on yarn that I wouldn't use for years! Two years ago, they had a quarter the stock and now.... wow! I find it hard, because I want to make so many things and have such little time with work, family, sports, etc. I picked up a "knitting for babies" book today and was amazed at all the simple, easy and short patterns... I need my friends to start having babies! It just makes me laugh though knowing what little amount of knitting experience I still have at this point (I started knitting a year and a half ago). I see all the knitting blogs with complicated sweaters and I have no clue at how they decipher patterns! I never really had the desire to knit a sweater until recently and need to find something very simple to start with I guess to get my feet wet. Ahh, just a little overwhelmed today... Though my first bike ride of the season occurred this afternoon and was a blast!

Nighty night!

My new sock yarn I ordered from Ebay


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