Sunday, May 15, 2005

Aran Update

The Aran pocketbook is making good progress due the the Reynolds Lopi yarn I am using. I love Lopi and I like the color, I am just a bit dissapointed in the appearance of the cables. The center cable looks nice, but some of the other cabling blends in. I am not sure why, since this is my first time with cables. All I know, is that they should be more apparent on lighter colors. Either way, the bag is going to look really good when blocked and put together. Today, I went to the fabric store because I decided I wanted to line the inside of the bag. I picked out two different fabrics since I couldn't decide which one I liked more! I also have this stellar button I found at Black Sheep Knitting Company last week. So, which fabric should I use?!!??!

In other news, I volunteered for the Preemie Project. This is a volunteer group that is organized/run/managed by Laura and focuses on donating knit hats/booties/blankets to preemie babies at the University of Iowa Hopitals and Clinics in Iowa City, IA. If you have the desire to knit up a few baby items (which go really quick since they are absolutely tiny!) and want to help, go check out the project homepage!


At 11:29 PM, Anonymous Dani said...

Looks AWESOME Dani, I am so happy you were able to find the boo boo in the pattern and get it right! The fabrics are great and that button - WOW! I am torn with which liner to use, since they both would work, and either one you cose will look great!

SO happy you were able to jump right into that book =)

At 4:56 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Looking good!

At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Becky said...

I like both those fabrics! Hmm...if it really came down to it, though, I'd probably go with the one on the right.

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Dharia said...

sometimes cables will shape up and "pop" much more after they are blocked... this might happen with yours!

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd go with the fabric on the right. The left one is lovely, but somehow the pattern stands out a little too much. The button goes better with the right, too.

Are there cables on the diagonal part of the center? Is that where you're talking about the blending in?


At 6:21 PM, Blogger eastern white said...

lopi is nice, isn't it! the bag is going to look great! i like the fabric on the right, too. but it will give a more surprising effect with the left fabric. am i just make this too confusing for you?

either way, it'll look great! you are such a productive knitter, i'm so impressed!

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Dani said...

Hi There

I just found your site through another that you had left a comment on. I noticed because we have the same name. And even more interesting is that the first person to comment on this post was also a Dani. I have never met another Dani in my life, and now I see there are at least two that knit! :)

I think that you should use the darker grey fabric. I am sure the cables will show up better when it is blocked.


At 9:40 PM, Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i like the multi colored fabric, gives it a little pep! i alos have volunteered for laura but i haven't made anything yet. i will probably send some yarn her way soon! on second thought i like the other fabric, a little more sophisticated right?

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Laura said...

That is going to be great! I like the fabric on the left.

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

I think that the cables will pop out more once you block it... I think it looks really nice! I like both fabrics, and both would look good, so you choose :)

Take care!


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