Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What to do with Dissapointment...

My felted bag is finished drying and I can only say that I am dissapointed with how it turned out. I had these great dreams of this stylish and fabulous handbag that others envied. But now, I look at the original picture of what I was attempting to create and what I have in my hands now and I can only shake my head. My biggest issue is with the fact that the bag isn't as firm and sturdy as I hoped it would be. Most other felted bags I have seen are extremely sturdy and stand up nice and straight. This bag wilts over and becomes deformed once I put it down. I know that I am my harshest critic and there are some of you out there that are going to tell me that I am crazy. It still is a nice bag, and I wouldn't be so upset if I didn't spend so much time and money on making it.

But my question is, what have you done with projects you are not thrilled about? Should I use the bag and just assume it will grow on me? Should I just chalk it up as a loss and throw it in the closet? Should I give it to someone in the family that does love and appreciate it?

I might contemplate the bag for a few days and try it on for size when I head out for work. I will post pictures tomorrow morning... I promise!


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous nicole said...

I usually give sewing projects I don't like to Goodwill, but I often feel guilty about that (why should I inflict my homemade skirt with the uneven darts and crooked hem on some poor person?). Either that or I use the material to make something else, like a Phoenix rising from the creative ashes. I wonder if you could use some boning or plastic to help reinforce the bag--or maybe even heavy fusible interfacing--to give it more structure.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Sandy J said...

Is the bag done felting yet? Even if it is technically the right size, maybe it needs another firming-up run through the washer.

Even if you don't love it, I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with it. It could always stay home as a mini something-or-the-other holder!

At 7:50 AM, Anonymous Dani said...

I know what you mean about not felting firmly, the 1st Booga I made with Kureyon is so pliable, in fact its kind of crumpled on my desk right next to me now LOL

The monsterous bag I made IS firmer but not as firm as you talked about - that one was made with doubled BIG Kureyon - I think it toally depends on not only how much you felt it but yor starting materials. DO NOT be disappointed - you made this, you learned from it! We both know it's not your last bag, so just think of it as a rest stop on your way to making bags exactly the way you want them!

I have had some stuff I love, some stuff i'm ok with and some stuff I really dont like at all. Use it a few times, see if it grows on you. If you still really don't like it, donate it. Someone will appreciate the efforts that went in.

You know we are our own worst critics - I say take a step back, and give yourself credit for what you put into it. Regardless of how it measures up on *your* scale of perfect, you still did a great job!! =)

At 11:39 AM, Blogger Dharia said...

i think it will grow on you. its fabulous! i am very critical of my things too... i try to use them, but if they just aren't working for me i usually give them to my mom or to friends. Other people NEVER see the all the flaws that we see in our work, and they are so impressed that you made something with your hands. its great positive reinforcement. ;)

At 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you possibly re-felt that? Someone redid their felted bag and it shrank again; maybe you didn't do it enough? Don't throw it out just yet.

-- MJ


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