Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sunshine Yarns Gallery

Anna's Tiger socks knit out of the Tiger colorway

Lisa's watermelon socks knit using the striping watermelon sock yarn. Look how she matched up those stripes!

Don't think that the fingering weight sock yarns are limited to socks. Donna knit a nice pair of mittens in the striping watermelon sock yarn as well!

Alison sent me this picture of her Gryffindor self-striping socks almost complete! There are lots of these socks floating around blogland, so keep a look out!

Look at these beauties! Jasmin knit a simple lace pattern using the Harvest colorway.

Kathy knit up these lacey socks using the Sweet Dreams colorway for her secret sock exchange pal. Her pal Chrissy loved them!

Tiffany just finished up the first Jaywalker sock using the Love colorway. I can't wait to see the mate!

Amanda knit these "Roller Derby Convertible Mittens" for a friend in the watermelon colorway.. aren't they just so cool?!

Alex tried the Elfine pattern with the Rock Creek colorway. I think they turned out beautiful!

Alison is doing a great job knitting up her socks fast! Here is a pair of her Gryffindor's and a nice springy pair of Neapolitans.

Liz finished up her socks in the Sweet Dreams colorway. She even made up her own pattern!! Nice job Liz :)

Chrissy is clearly doing a great job on her socks! You can see her Fiji socks (top) and Winter Berry Jaywalkers (bottom). What beautiful closeups!

Sharon just finished up her first Rock Creek sock.. what a great pattern Sharon!

Thea is one of my good knitbuddies and was also one of my first customers! She knit up these self-striping Iris socks for the Knitting Olympics! Looks like you earned gold Thea :)

Suzie finished up her Costa Rica socks and is back for some more colorways! Here is the backside of this rainbowy goodness!

Erin was one of my first customers and she just sent a picture of the Deep Ocean striping colorway!

And, yes, more Gryffindor socks! How fabulous are these?! Rachel did a wonderful job and is going to be started some Ravenclaw socks at some point soon.

Deb just finished up her variegated Slytherin socks! She did such a nice job :)

Stephanie was another one of my first customers! She just finished knitting up these self-striping Fiji socks in a beautiful Chevron pattern.

Lynette knit up these lovely Violets socks with an intricate eyelet pattern. Beautiful!

Fellow Knitsmith Colleen, knit up these lovely Dusk socks for her sockpal! I think she'll love them!

Another great Knitsmith, Norah, knit these Love socks for her sockpal as well! The socks are wonderful, but the flowers in the picture just make it even better :)

Rosemary just finished up these wonderful Gryffindor socks! I heard that she names all of her socks after someone from the Harry Potter movies... what are these called?! (She informed me that they are called Oliver)!!

Patty knit some worsted weight socks using the Violets colorway. These came out perfect Patty!

Jaya knit up some fabulous socks using the Carribean Sky colorway.

Beth knit up these socks out of the Campfire colorway for the Six-Sock Yahoo group! These are lovely Beth!

Sheri not only knit a pair of adult socks out of the Watermelon Patch colorway, but she also knit a pair of baby socks with the leftovers... they are both beautiful!

Minh just finished up some Jaywalker socks using the Strawberry Banana colorway. These are so fun!

Brenda knit a beautiful pair of socks using the Tidepool colorway :)

Brenda also knit a pair of wrist warmers out of the Cotton Candy colorway. How creative :)

Ruth also knit some socks out of the Watermelon striping colorway. Thanks for the fab picture Ruth!

Rosemary finished another Sunshine Yarns pair of socks out of the Starry Night colorway. Great job Rosemary!

Lynette knit another pair of socks using the Love colorway. How cute are these?! They even have eyelet hearts!

Emily knit up a pair of socks using the Harvest colorway and the Haystacks pattern. They go really well together Emily!


At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude these pics made me want to learn how to knit so i can make my own pair of soxs!!!! this is sooo kool!!! I love sox!!!!

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Hey Dani!

The socks of mine you have up there are named Oliver :D

At 6:35 PM, Blogger NKY Knitter said...

Did you use the eyelet hearts pattern from Vogue Stitchionary? I was trying a scarf and I was having issues. Maybe you could help?

At 5:42 PM, Blogger KnittyGirl said...

Where do you get the watermelon colorway yarn????


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