Friday, April 29, 2005


Friday could not have come soon enough this week! I need a drink! My weekend actually started a bit early, achem, and I took a trip out to my two favorite locations: The Big Dipper and my favorite LYS - Black Sheep Knitting Co. My only two purchases today were some Espresso Wow Cow frozen yogurt (with chocolate sprinkles I might add) and some new knitting needles. I was looking for some new yarn for a baby blanket, but left undecided on whether I want to spend the big bucks on some Rowan or go with something simpler. The pattern I want to use calls for Rowan Cotton Glace on size US2 needles. Is there something comparable to this that is cheaper? Someone mentioned Patons Grace on another website, but I want to get more opinions. Ahh, another blanket, like I don't have enough knitting! Too many projects, too little time. That whole thing called a career, really does get in the way :). Dani (the other Dani), we really need to get into the yarn business, don't we! Have a relaxing weekend everyone! Tomorrow I might post some finished pictures of this. Until then, you will have to settle for some flower pictures from my back porch...


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous The Other Dani said...

Would that be the yarn shop in New Zealand? I'M THERE!!!

Im so glad you ditched the afternoon and played a bit. Im stuck here till 6 but then its out with my boss and co workers (my bosses last day - WHICH SUCKS big time! He is one of the good guys, and losing him REALLY hurts the company and my team) Funny you mentioned a drink - I rarely drink anymore, and ALL WEEK I have been saying I needed a drink - is it the moon? Everyone I know is stressing out, it's gotta be!

Here's to a relaxing weekend!

At 2:36 PM, Blogger said...

what a porch. gorgeous flower. perfect place to sit and knit.


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