Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Pre-Blog Gallery

The Square

Ahh... my first knitting project. Most people come up with a beautiful scarf, a simple sweater, a hat, not me. Talk about totally being off! My first knitting project in October of 2003 was going to be a dark gray scarf for Scott. I began without having any idea how many stitches to cast on. As it turned out, I had about 60 stitches and was about three times too wide! Scott and I laughed and chalked it up as a loss, though now our kitties use it as a blanket!

Measurements: 2.5 ft. x 2.5 ft.
Yarn: LionBrand Homespun in dark gray

The Real First Scarf

After finishing the square, I was still determined to knit the scarf for Scott! It came out alright for a beginner! I finished this one the end of October, 2003.

Numerous Other Scarves

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of these scarves, but I do remember most of them. I knit like crazy before the holiday season of 2003 and made scarves for Bonnie, Pam, my brother Josh, and friends Krista, Lora, Traci and Taryn.

Chinese Charm Bag

I don't have a picture of the bag I finished, but it looked similar. The yarn I used was different and was a variation of different shades of blues. I lined the inside with a beautiful periwinkle satin fabric.

Pattern: From Deb Stroller's Stitch N' Bitch book
Yarn: Three different strands held together, 1 was a Manos del Uruguay variegated shade. One strand was a ribbon and one was a cheapo navy blue.
Measurements: Approximately 10 x 9in.
Started: April 2004
Finished: May 2004

Zeeby's Bag

I made this one for my mom for Mother's Day 2004 and HATED how it came out. They really need to change this pattern so that the straps are more supportive (a.k.a. I-cord). It was my first bag and I learned a lot from making this though.

Pattern: From Deb Stroller's Stitch N' Bitch book
Yarn: Lamb's Pride worsted in a deep teal color and a pale blue
Measurements: Approximately 10 x 12in.
Started: May 2004
Finished: May 2004

Chenille Scarf

This is the first thing I made for myself. It goes nicely with my new coat! Completed sometime in 2004.

Pattern: None
Yarn: Lion Brand Chenille
Measurements: Approximately 5 inches wide x 45 inches long
Started: 2004
Finished: 2004

Powerful Wrist Bands

I made two pairs of the star wrist bands for friends in navy blue and light blue in June 2004! They came out adorable, even with this being my first intarsia attempt.

Pattern: From Deb Stroller's Stitch N' Bitch book
Yarn: Scrap Yarn, unknown
Measurements: Approximately 2 x 4 inches
Started: Summer 2004
Finished: Summer 2004

Umbilical Cord Hat

This hat I did for a co-workers year and a half old baby boy. I found this great blue yarn with specs of other colors in it..... I also made another hat with the same pattern for a little girl associated with my office out of this really soft fleece yarn in a purple/pink color!

Pattern: From Deb Stroller's Stitch N' Bitch book
Yarn: Unknown, medium blue with specs of various colors
Measurements: Approximately 16 inches around unstretched
Started: Both started in October 2004
Finished: Both finished in October 2004

Princess Snowball Cat Bed

I love this cat bed pattern made with fun fur (which I hate mind you) on the sides, and regular ol' scrap yarn for the base. The base was made with two strands held together... one was white and the other was blue. My main issue with the finished project is the side. It caves in and doesn't have enough to hold it up! I guess making a felted bed would have been better! I've thought about adding reinforcement to the sides, but the little kitties don't use it enough for me to really care.

Pattern: From Deb Stroller's Stitch N' Bitch book
Yarn: White Fun Fur and scrap yarn
Measurements: Approximately a 20 inch circle
Started: October 2004
Finished: October 2004

Moonlight Mohair Poncho

Sorry for the lack of picture, but I never got one of my aunt wearing this! I made it for her birthday (December 15, 2004) and used Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair in a gorgeous gold toned colorway. It really looked great on her, and though I doubt she wears it very often, seemed to really appreciate it!

Pattern: Pattern found on Michael's online website
Yarn: Lion Brand, Moonlight Mohair in safari
Measurements: Unknown
Started: December 1, 2005
Finished: December 15, 2005

Scott's Christmas Hat and Scarf

I knit this hat and scarf set for forever (it felt like)! A big mistake was to use Lion Brand worsted weight yarn. The hat came out really nice, but the scarf was a bit dissapointing. I ran out of time and didn't get a chance to make it a long as I would have liked. Of course Scott said he loved it, which is all that matters I guess! Its hard to tell from the picture, but its a really nice maroon color with some yellow specs here and there.

Pattern: None
Yarn: Lion Brand worsted weight in a maroon shade
Measurements: Unknown
Started: December 1, 2005
Finished: December 25, 2005

Rachel's Chanukah Scarf

I loved using this yarn, and the colorway is just spectacular! I didn't really use a pattern and just did a simple k1, yo, k2tog stitch throughout.

Pattern: None
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay variegated yarn
Measurements: Unknown
Started: December 1, 2005
Finished: December 28, 2005

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

An introduction of self

1. Most people think my name is short for Danielle, but in fact it is just Dani. My parents figured they would call me Dani all the time anyways, so Dani it is!

2. I was born on leap day, Feb. 29, 1980 which makes my birthday a bit unique. I used to not like my birthday, but now I feel that it gives me some character...

3. My boyfriend Scott and I met in college and were both swimmers. We have been dating since the end of August 1999. We lived together while I was in graduate school and now are in Boston together.

4. We adopted two female kittens (sisters) the beginning of October, 2004. They were 11 weeks when we got them and now are 8.5 months old! Soma and Kali were rescues and we adopted them through the Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare:

5. I am very into baking and knitting at this point. I started baking my sophomore year of college and started knitting the fall of 2003. I am going to attempt to reconcile as much of what I have done in the past, but am going to use this site to show my work and share some recipes!

Monday, March 28, 2005

A new blog, a new day...

I felt too limited by my last blog space at You were very limited as to what pictures you could post and I wasn't really happy without having those super important pictures to express my work, my life and my hobbies! So, here I am to share my knitting, my baking, my kittens, family and friends to those out there that wish to listen, read, give advice or take some ideas away for themselves... Enjoy!