Monday, July 30, 2007

The Day We've Been Waiting For

Just a quick hello and a few pictures!!!! The day was absolutely amazing - it was just about as good as it gets in the Colorado mountains. Scott and I are just about as happy as we could be and are thrilled to be able to share some pictures right away.. Thank you Mike!!! I'll have to fill you in more once we get back from Belize.. But for now, enjoy :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just The Beginning

Yes, only 2 days until the wedding... 2 DAYS!! You must be wondering how I have time to post. Well, really, Scott and I have been out here since Friday late night and we had 5 days of crazy, crazy running around, being crafty, doing errands kind of days. We are finally able to enjoy the fruits of our labor and are able to spend time with friends. Here is a bunch of us on Mt. Sanitas with Boulder below...

We even had this cutie guest stay at our place last night....

With all these great people around and lots of blue everywhere.. how could I not be totally psyched?!

I promise I will post a quick picture on Monday of the big day!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My First Webs

Yesterday I went out to Northampton for my first Webs experience! What an amazing place... a wonderful selection and even more wonderful discounts! The store was having a special Charmed Knits booksigning event with Alison, so of course a bunch of us had to go and show our support. They even had cake! It felt good to be in a happy Harry Potter environment, since I just saw Order of the Phoenix the night before and was still a bit traumatized.

I even splurged a little bit and came home with some beautiful yarns!

I absolutely love Jaeger yarns, especially the Siena and the Aqua. The Siena is great to use in patterns that call for Rowan 4-ply cotton and the Aqua is a great baby/kids knit yarn. I also couldn't resist the sweet deals on the Debbie Bliss cotton angora or the fun colors of the Artyarns Ultramerino.

The store was giving out little kits for the house colored bookmarks! Too cute :)

This yummy green Jaeger yarn also followed me home yesterday, but it came from Carol, not Webs! Thank you again Carol! We did a little yarn swap that left me with 16 balls of soft greeny goodness. On the way home I was brainstorming on patterns for myself, but then Scott started throwing hints on how it would be nice for him too.. hmm :)

Monday, July 09, 2007

20 Days 14 Rows

I'm getting married in 20 days! 20!!!! If you could possibly put excited, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed and elated together in your head, than you can understand where I'm at right now! Seriously people, I'm good. Still here dyeing yarn and making my way through the few huge orders, sock club and etsy posting skeins this week.

The only knitting that has been going on the past month or so, is the shawl. Only 14 rows left, but man, each row has thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of stitches. I'm at about 50 - 60 minutes a row....

Yes, it will be done! 14 rows in 20 days, I can do it!