Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bring On The Green

The Ireland socks are finished and I am wearing them today on our trip across the Atlantic! So. Excited. I love how they came out.. so green, so stripey, so comfy.

Project specs:
Pattern: Just a basic sock with a short row heel and toe. I used Alison's yo tutorial over at the Blue Blog.
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in Ireland
Measurements: Made to fit a women's US9. I knit these on an Inox US2 (which is really like a US1.5) and did the magic loop method.
Started: May 1, 2006
Finished: May 14, 2006
Other Details: I grafted the toe on the bottom and cast on 68 instead of my 64. Didn't need to do that, but they still fit fine!

Oh, and here is my backpack I'll be taking on the trip. Look at all the green yarn! There is some Sundara Yarn in Grasshopper as well as some more Sunshine Yarns in the Shamrock colorway. I am continuing the green overload for the next two weeks :)

See you all when I get back!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life Is Good

I've been wanting to scream it to the world.. but, I had to contain myself for the past 5 days until we told our family and close friends. On Sunday, while hiking up in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Scott and I got ENGAGED!!

We love the outdoors and to me, there could have been no better place than ontop of a mountain with the flowers, the sky and the trees:

The real shock to me was the ring. Utterly. Amazing. The most special part (and something you can't see in the picture) are the four small diamonds that appear underneath the central diamond. Those small diamonds are from a piece of my grandmother's jewelry and mean so, so much to me, its truely hard to put into words.

Thank you all so much for your support and kindness, especially these past 6 months with the development of Sunshine Yarns. We are so happy we are able to share these special moments.. Life is definitely good!

-Dani, Scott, and the kitties :)

P.S. Thank you so much for all the lovely comments and emails! Lots of you have asked how and when we met... well, my T-shirt says it all :) Have fun knitting everyone!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Poor Table

I'm sorry to say that my dining room table is totally neglected. We rarely eat there since its usually covered in yarn. This is what it looked like yesterday:

Tomorrow I'll be 80 skeins or so lighter... but there are still 20 or so skeins up for grabs at Sunshine Yarns. I'm getting a little worried about my shoulder this week. The reskeining is killing me! I made it through 11 years as a competitive swimmer where I trained 20-30 hours a week, yet its the yarn that is finally causing injury. If anyone wants centre-pull balls, please ask! Its so much easier for me to wind than reskein! :)

As for other news, I have some, but it will have to wait until later.. I gotta run! :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Green With Envy

I just couldn't resist! As soon as I finished up my sockpal socks on Monday night, I cast on for these...

Yep, its my Ireland socks! They are a bit overhaul with the whole green theme, but hey I'm excited and I love how they are turning out! 10 little stripes of green goodness, 1 short row heel and voila.. I am already on the foot!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sockapaloooza Finis!

I finished my sockapaloooza socks just in the nick of time! Last night I wove in the ends and blocked. I love them and hope my sock pal does too!! I am a little worried about the size, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Her foot is around 10" long and these measure about 10.15". She also has a 9" measurement around the ball of her foot and I got a measurement of about 8.25" with no stretch. I am sure there are lots of you out there that are in the same situation.... Its HARD if your foot is a totally different size because you lack the ability to try it on for size (which is the only way I've ever knit socks). You can see from some of the pre-washed/blocked pictures below, how big they are on me :)

And, look! They are all blocked and all ready to go!

Project specs:
Pattern: Embossed Leaves from Winter IK 2005
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in Raspberry Limeade
Measurements: Made to fit a women's US10.
Started: April 5, 2006
Finished: May 1, 2006
Other Details: I magic looped it once again and love how these came out. I don't think I changed anything about the pattern. I used a slightly heavier yarn (a super heavy fingering weight/light sport weight and US2 needles).