Friday, November 30, 2007

Quick Hello

I am still here, I promise! I have about a weeks worth of FO's to show next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are a couple new cutie Soma and Kali pics:

I've taught Some how to "wave"...

Having fun outside watching squirrels and birds,

Kali sniffs the sky...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Whirlwind Week

This week has been busy, busy, exciting, and busy! Most of you don't know yet, but I've been a busy bee working on my new website!!!!, which is going to go live in a few weeks! Its been a thought in progress for well over a year and a half, and an actual work in progress since we returned from the honeymoon. I am so excited for everyone to see it.. only a few more weeks to wait. I'm hoping that my December 4th post will be at my new home :)

The highlight of this week; however, was the Susan B. Anderson book signing at Black Sheep! Of course I am a huge fan of her patterns, but man, was she just a totally sweet, genuine person! It was great getting a chance to meet her, and see all the totally adorable knits from her new book.

I think my favorite sample, was the mouse mobile! It was just so precious and, in my mind, totally worth the effort of knitting all those little pieces! Look at that face...

Susan, I hope you had a great time in Boston and at the store! Thank you so much for fitting us in to your busy schedule, we truely appreciate it :) I can't wait to see what you come up with next...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Turtles Rule

How frick'in awesome is this?!

Pattern: Sheldon by Ruth Homrighaus
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Grass and Green Apple
Needles: Brittany DPN's in US3 (3.25mm)
Measurements: Approximately 9" long
Started: September 10, 2007
Finished: November 7, 2007
Other Details: The main body and shell went quick, but I had a hard time getting myself to make the legs and put it all together. Its so super cute, totally worth the effort!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Socks For Society


This club is going to be great :) I've been wanting to do some sort of charity sock club for some time, and I have finally settled on it....

Theme: This club is designed to support various charities that mean a lot to you! Yes, you! Once in the club, I will be taking suggestions for charities and organizations to support. This club will initially run for 3 months and each month we will be supporting a different organization.

How It Works: You will receive a skein of yarn mid-December, mid-January and mid-February. I will donate $5.00 for each subscriber each month... this can add up to alot if I can get a lot of sign-ups! Each package will contain yarn and a brief message about the organization we are supporting that month.

Yarn and Colorways: You get to pick your base yarn for all three months.. either Twist or Soft (for more information see my store). The colorways will reflect the organization, or something I see fit...

Some Ideas of Organizations to Support: Red Cross Disaster Relief or the San Diego Humane Society (to help those humans and animals who have been displaced by the recent wildfires); Nature Conservancy; Alzheimer's Foundation, First Book for Children, March of Dimes, etc. etc.

Cost: $100.00 for 3 months including shipping for US/Canadian customers. $115 for other international customers. $5 from each month will go towards that months selected charity.

To Sign Up: Please email me your full name, email address and mailing address. I will be sending out invoices later this month! I'm so excited.. LETS DO SOMETHING GOOD!

Avon Breast Cancer Walk 050507 0006 ThePeak--pollution pollution... March Of Dimes 006 dropping fire retardant A morning view from our classroom...pollution, pollution, pollution Rescued - white cat, helpful military

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

HP Sock Club!


I'm opening up sign-ups again and will continue this club for an additional three packages! If you are currently in the club, you can renew your subscription, or you can join if you are not currently in the club.

The socks above were knit by Rachel, using the Gryffindor self-striping yarn. She even made it into a little magical photo shoot... I love it!

WHAT IS IT?: A Harry Potter themed sock club

WHAT WILL I GET?: For new members: Just yarn. No patterns or extravagant extras. Two skeins will be variegated (think characters/animals/places), and 1 skein will be striping in whatever house color you desire! At least 2 of the skeins will be in the Soft yarn, one MIGHT be in the Twist. For returning members: Your packages will each be a variegated colorway... no striping ones unless you want to rejoin for the full cost.

WHEN WILL I GET THE YARN?!: The mailing dates are the end of December, February and April!

HOW MUCH? For new members: The cost is a flat $100.00 to those in the U.S. and Canada, $115 to those overseas. For returning members: The cost is a flat $85.00 to those in the U.S. and Cananda, and $100 to those overseas.

WHEN DO I SIGN UP?! Now! Send an email to with your full name, email, mailing address and for new members, what striping house colorway you want!

WHEN DO I PAY?! Now! Once you send me your contact information, I will send you an invoice.

ANY QUESTIONS? Email me at

And, another sock club for those that want to do something a little bit different around the holidays... a Socks For Society club. Details on the club and how to sign up tomorrow!